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How Fraser Valley Auto Loans is Different

How is Fraser Valley Auto Loans is different than your other car dealerships? Chantal, one of our financial services manager’s here at Fraser Valley Auto Loans, explains. You may at this point be wondering, how is Fraser Valley Auto Loans different than every other car dealer in my area. If you can’t already tell, by… Read more »

Pre-Approval Process

  Today we discuss the benefits of completing a pre-approval for an auto loan. Many dealerships do not offer this service, we at Fraser Valley Auto Loans are proud we do because a pre-approval allows for you, our client, to look for a vehicle without the fear of weather or not you would be approved. Our… Read more »

How Extended Warranties Help Build Credit

When choosing to re-establish or simply establish credit with an auto loan it is important to protect both yourself and the vehicle for the time of the loan. This is why extended warranties are recommended. Extended warranties give you the ability to drive your new vehicle, do your regular maintenance and not worry about repairs…. Read more »

Does Income Effect Your Credit Score?

In this episode we answer a question many people ask, “Does income effect your credit score?” Our clients often wonder if the amount they earn will effect their credit score. Today Chantal discusses what role your income plays in earning credit and your overall credit score. We hope you find this video informative, if you have… Read more »

Different Types of Credit Cards

Today we focus on two different types of credit cards. People often ask what the differences are between secure credit cards, and pre-paid credit cards. In this short video Chantal explains how both types of credit card work and how they can effect your credit score. Enjoy the video and check in next month for… Read more »

Credit Information – How Credit is Rated

  Welcome back, in today’s video Chantal will help you better understand how your credit is rated. She discusses the credit scale ranging from one to nine and explains the meaning behind each number. If you wish to learn more about your credit score, make sure you check in next month for another video!

Credit Information – Understanding the Basics of Credit

Welcome to the first video in our series regarding credit. In today’s video Chantal explains the fundamentals of credit. She discusses who the credit reporting agencies in Canada are, and how they create credit scores for individuals. Be sure to check in next month for a new video!