Pre-Approval Process


Today we discuss the benefits of completing a pre-approval for an auto loan.
Many dealerships do not offer this service, we at Fraser Valley Auto Loans are proud we do because a pre-approval allows for you, our client, to look for a vehicle without the fear of weather or not you would be approved. Our pre-approval process is similar to when you are looking for a home. We gather your credit information up front, submit the information to the lenders and see how much of a loan they are willing to grant you. This allows us to present to you different vehicle options that not only suit you and your family’s needs, but also we know you will be approved for.
 A pre-approval takes about 5 minutes of your time and is carried out in the strictest of confidence.

It does not obligate you to buy a vehicle for us, but we hope going above and beyond what other dealers offer makes you a client of ours.